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Chalong Gym Phuket

Why Train With Us

working out at chalong gym in Phuket

I’ll make this simple, you train with Chalong Gym because you want an affordable no bull@#$% gym to workout in for your stay in Phuket. Chalong Gym is a family run and operated business, all the equipment, one location and a truly friendly environment promoting health and fitness.

Sometimes Chalong Gym gets refereed to as ‘the small guy gym’, which we don’t mind, because this moniker highlights that no matter your size or level of experience you’re always welcome and always going to enjoy your work outs here with us, and just to be clear we have lot’s of big guys training here, we are just completely short on A-holes.

We also do a few things differently from other gyms in the area, for example Chalong Gym does not allow Personal trainers to be hawking around while you are working out. There is nothing worse, especially for the ladies (a prime target for these guys), who come over to your bench, without invitation, to tell you just how badly your doing an exercise and then to let you know they are, in fact a personal trainer (Fresh out of community college), that can help you out for a nominal fee. Not happening at our Gym guys, not ever!

To be clear, personal training at Chalong Gym is totally acceptable, we don’t charge you anything if you are a personal trainer using our facilities to help train your clients, but we do ask that you don’t be a creep. Unless you see someone doing something horribly dangerous, focus on your client, not the fact that you need a date for Saturday night.

We created Chalong Gym especially so you can train the way you want, when you want! Should you find yourself in need of training advice, you can ask Owen, the owner and general all round exercise encyclopedia, typically found behind the front desk playing bejeweled, he is also the guy in the image up top of the website. If Owen is not about, just ask the person working out next to you, because those that train at Chalong Gym Phuket are a part of a bigger healthy & happy, completely unrelated (we think), family of gym goers, you’ll most likely spark up quite a few random conversations while working out in Chalong Gym. Like we keep saying, it’s a gym that doesn’t judge, it’s a gym that’s there for you, to do your thing, in your own time.

So if this sounds like the kind of gym you like, then come in and check us out, opening hours are on the right hand side under popular posts.

See you in the Gym!

  1. My favorite gym in Phuket!

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