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Chalong Gym Phuket

Training & Gym Rules

Chalong gym rules

RULES! Lets keep it simple we are here to train

  • Wear shoes, don’t wear shoes, up to you. Some trainers are great for certain sports some suck. If you don’t have proper lifting shoes you are much better off training barefoot then lifting with running shoes.

  • Dress code, I don’t care what you wear it’s not a nightclub or a fashion show for that matter. If you want to train with your shirt off do so (please keep your shorts on) just remember to spray and wipe down benches when your done.

  • Spray and wipe down machines benches and weights when your finished

  • Please tidy up after yourself. I’m not anal about this but don’t leave weight plates lying all around the floor and do put dumbbells back on the rack. It’s just common courtesy.

  • Show your member card or punch card when you come in. I can’t keep track of everybody’s membership in my head.

  • Grunt, fart, swear (politely) make loud noises but do show respect to other people. No bullying, intimidation or hassling other people to move so you can use some equipment

  • You can bring drinks from outside, you can even use my fridge to keep them in but don’t eat in the gym

Thats about it. I want you to enjoy training the way you like to train.

  1. I am going to chalong to train for probably the 4th time in two years and my trainers are taking up waaay too much space in my carry-on. So googled the gym in Chalong (think I usually go to elite) to find out if I could train in flipflops/barefeet like I do in this part of Thailand.
    So happy to see these rules here! Common sense stuff.
    Thanks see ya soon!

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