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Scuba Diving Phuket, Is Great Supplementary Training

Best scuba diving in Phuket Thailand with Aussie Divers Phuket

Looking for some great supplementary training while in Phuket, well one thing we enjoy, especially so on Sundays when everything else is closed, happens to be a day on the water Scuba Diving Phuket in the beautiful waters and around Phuket’s best island paradises.

If you are interested in learning to dive in Phuket, or looking for the best scuba diving in Phuket, then there is only one dive shop that we would recommend. Aussie Divers Phuket offer great days our scuba diving and only employ Phuket’s most highly skilled, friendly and dedicated diving professionals.

They also have an outstanding attitude to customer service and a perfect safety record. so if you are not a diver but looking to give it a red hot go on your holiday, don’t hesitate because scuba diving is a great way to unwind, relax and let those sore tired muscles heal, while still remaining active, both physically and mentally!

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Why Train With Us

working out at chalong gym in Phuket

I’ll make this simple, you train with Chalong Gym because you want an affordable no bull@#$% gym to workout in for your stay in Phuket. Chalong Gym is a family run and operated business, all the equipment, one location and a truly friendly environment promoting health and fitness.

Sometimes Chalong Gym gets refereed to as ‘the small guy gym’, which we don’t mind, because this moniker highlights that no matter your size or level of experience you’re always welcome and always going to enjoy your work outs here with us, and just to be clear we have lot’s of big guys training here, we are just completely short on A-holes.

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Training & Gym Rules

Chalong gym rules

RULES! Lets keep it simple we are here to train

  • Wear shoes, don’t wear shoes, up to you. Some trainers are great for certain sports some suck. If you don’t have proper lifting shoes you are much better off training barefoot then lifting with running shoes.

  • Dress code, I don’t care what you wear it’s not a nightclub or a fashion show for that matter. If you want to train with your shirt off do so (please keep your shorts on) just remember to spray and wipe down benches when your done.

  • Spray and wipe down machines benches and weights when your finished

  • Please tidy up after yourself. I’m not anal about this but don’t leave weight plates lying all around the floor and do put dumbbells back on the rack. It’s just common courtesy.

  • Show your member card or punch card when you come in. I can’t keep track of everybody’s membership in my head.

  • Grunt, fart, swear (politely) make loud noises but do show respect to other people. No bullying, intimidation or hassling other people to move so you can use some equipment

  • You can bring drinks from outside, you can even use my fridge to keep them in but don’t eat in the gym

Thats about it. I want you to enjoy training the way you like to train.

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Welcome to Chalong Gym Phuket and our new website for 2014

Chalong Gym equipment and weights

Chalong Gym is all about promoting a friendly and fun environment for you to train in, so we figured it was time to get a web-site that could highlight and promote these core values a little better. We can now more frequently and effectively communicate with our large base of members and gym goers, letting you guys and girls know exactly what is going on with us here at Chalong Gym Phuket.

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